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2015 Fujian - Danish offshore wind power engineering technology seminar held in Fuzhou

Published:2015/1/14 15:23:47 Source:Profundo Wind

On January 13, 2015, Fujian - Danish offshore wind power engineering technology seminar was held successfully in Fujian Province Water Conservancy Hydropower Survey and Design institute. The conference is jointly hosted by ZPMC Profundo wind energy, Jiangsu Longyuan ZPMC, Fujian Province Hydropower Institute, co-organised by Sinotrans Fujian Co. There are eight offshore wind power developers from Fujian Province, design companies, government competent apartments of more than 60 people attended the seminar.


Fujian Province Development and Reform Commission Energy Department Zhidong Zhang expressed in the conference, it will face national renewable energy quotas which to be issued soon. Fujian province is under lots of pressure for wind power development, land and coastal resources is nearly fully developed. As inland resources is restricted by forestry and environmental factors, exploitable resources is very limited. Therefore, Fujian province will focus on offshore wind power as a key development investment in the future, but the current production rate still rely on construction organization, construction organization design and construction vessel arrangement. If there is a breakthrough in the field of engineering, it will be great benefit to take off for offshore wind power in Fujian province.


One of the organisers Fujian Province Water Conservancy Hydropower Survey and design institute vice president Lin Lin considers, sea areas in Fujian province is the most excellent offshore wind resource areas in China. It is the time for great development in Fujian. This seminar will help to start offshore wind market in Fujian. Fujian Institute began to do offshore wind power plan within Fujian province from 2009, but during the process, we found construction equipment affected construction scheme, construction scheme affects project design. Thus, construction is the core of constraint for offshore wind power market to take off, through study and sharing existing experience and foundation of European and other domestic companies. It can better find to meet the technical path of Fujian offshore wind power development.


ZPMC Profundo, Longyuan ZPMC, Denmark A2SEA, Maersk and other enterprises introduced experience of WTG foundation, socketed construction, bored piling, WTG installation, installation vessels, and etc. Fujian owners takes active interest in single pile construction technology, the adaptability of Fujian sea water, European construction scheme and efficiency, each parameter of different wind power installation platforms. Seminar thought that "jack up platform +socketed bored + hydraulic pile" and split installation will be the best way for Fujian’s offshore wind power installation. With introduction of Longyuan ZPMC and ZPMC Profundo specialised jack-up platforms this year, with introduction and development of specialised tools in the future, Fujian offshore wind power engineering market will enter blissful circumstances gradually.