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WM Offshore Wing O & M Company

Published:2017/10/13 10:18:00 Source:

On 9 January, 2017, Fujian Shipbuilding Industry Group Company Limited, Fujian Yong Fan Technology Company Limited and the technical team of Doctor Zhu Ronghua established a joint venture togrther, whose name is WM Offshore Wind O & M Company Limited. The signing ceremony was in Fuzhou Free Trade Zone of China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone. Fujian NDRC and Fujian SASAC attended the ceremony.
WM Offshore Wing O & M Company Limited will rely on the stated-controlled background of Fujian Shipbuilding Industry Group to maximum advantage of mixed ownership and Fujian Yong Fan Technology Company’s expertise in technology. It will introduce the advanced technology of Doctor Zhu’s team from both China and abroad, have complementary advantages and try their best to build a leading and first-class offshore wind O & M base. This O & M company, whose principal line is offshore wind O & M, provides storage & management of spare parts and offshore wind safety training to guarantee safety, efficiency and cost. The company is based in Fujian and covers the surrounding provinces to become the most competitive O & M center in China, even in the Far East.
Fujian NDRC and Fujian SASAC said congratulations to the establishment of this offshore wind O & M company. They hope that this company can combine the strengths of the three shareholders for the development of offshore wind industry and economic grouth.