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Technology-development of offshore wind power industry system

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China offshore wind power technology has achieved breakthrough with the condition for further scaled development. During “12th Five-Year "period, China achieved installing of 110 and 220 KV offshore booster station successfully installed. Also it achieved the longest distance of 110 KV three core submarine photoelectric composite cable laying by breaking 220 KV cable laying technology. And it achieved the largest jack-up platform in China to operate as operating water depth is up to 40 meters. In addition, Asia largest Huaneng Rudong 300 MW offshore wind farm already started construction with installed 5 MW WTG, It uses no transition design of mono- pile, advanced technology construction and equipment.

Offshore wind power with the scale of development conditions
China offshore wind power development has 8 years until now.          
Data show that until the end of 2015, domestic approval of offshore wind power projects reached 4.82GW. It has been built offshore wind power projects installed capacity as 750MW.
According to “13th five year” plan, the goal of offshore wind power installed capacity is 10GW. In the next five years, electricity price policy of offshore wind power projects will remain at current level.
Shanghai Donghai Bridge 10.2 million KW wind farm project is located in the eastern water of Donghai Bridge, is Asia first offshore wind farm and China first national offshore wind power demonstration project. It completed installation and commissioning, grid connection on 2010 June 8.  Between 2010 and 2015, the average utilization hours of 2082.4 hours, accumulative generating capacity of reach 1329 GWH.

To reduce construction cost is still priority
In terms of cost, with the rapid development of offshore wind power technology, design and construction experience is accumulated gradually. Offshore wind power investment has gradually decreased. Water conservancy and hydropower planning and Design Institute of statistics shows that offshore wind farm construction cost from 23000 per KW in 2009 dropped into 16000 in 2015. In particular, intertidal wind farm cost is about RMB 14000-16000 per KW, offshore wind farm cost is about 15000-18000 per KW. Nevertheless, offshore wind power cost is twice as onshore wind power investment cost. Based on the life cycle of business philosophy, offshore operation and maintenance service become to reduce offshore wind power operating cost and improve WTG generating power efficiency.