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East China Sea Bridge generates electricity over 13 billion degrees

Published:2016/6/30 14:56:50 Source:

National energy board, National Oceanic Administration, business representatives and industry experts agree that 2016 is a turning point for China offshore wind power.

China first large offshore wind farms in Shanghai Donghai Bridge Wind Farm for offshore wind power construction, operation has accumulated nearly 6 years experience. Recently, Donghai Bridge Wind Farm, deputy GM Mr. Reng told reporters: " Until this April, 100MW project accumulated generate electricity more than 13 billion degrees, it achieves construction target."

Donghai Bridge Wind Farm Phase One is located in Shanghai, it selects Sinovel 34 sets of  3MW WTG, power generation in 2010. Mr.Reng said, WTG utilization rate has reached more than 95%, the utilization rate from January to April will reach 98.5%.

WTG installed in Phase One have been out of warranty since last November. Their subsequent operation and maintenance will be responsible by Sinovel. When it mentioned offshore wind power experience, Mr. Reng expressed that maintenance is one key task which ensures generate electricity.

"Onshore wind power dissipation defects (eliminate defects), it only need a car to operate beside the WTG. However, offshore wind power need specialised offshore vessel to overcome maritime climate. In the fact, half the time is not convenient for seafaring within one year, operation and maintenance costs account for about 1% for total investment."

Therefore, he recommended, key parts of offshore wind turbines is better to use high standard to achieve high reliability, even if the initial investment is more, but it’s more cost-effective in the whole life cycle. Since Sinovel’s leadership, Sinovel will regarded wind power maintenance as strategic transformation. With set up one subsidiary called Runyuan wind power technology company, focus on operation and maintenance 9000 WTG, After out of warranty,  Donghai Bridge wind farm is still serviced by Ruiyuan .

Because utilization rate for WTG is higher, cost control is better, there is no abandoned wind power rationing. Mr.Reng is expected, Phase One will be returned within 12 years. And life of wind turbines are mostly 20-25 years.

East China Sea Bridge Phase One 100MW project has operated, including one Sinovel 5MW wind turbine. Sinovel's another strategy is offshore wind power.
Sinovel President Mr. Xu said, Sinovel is with Shanghai green environmental company, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University and other research institutions to start research and develop deepsea floating wind turbines. It has declared the project to Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission and Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission.

Floating deepsea WTG is global leader in the world. It currently only has similar prototypes in Denmark, Portugal. It can fill the gap between tidal zone and offshore wind power."It is expected that it will have preliminary result  by the end of this year." Mr. Xu said.