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SPIC first offshore wind power demonstration project successfully connected to power generation

Published:2016/6/16 11:22:22 Source:http://fd.bjx.com.cn/

Statepower corporation (SPIC) first offshore wind power demonstration project “Jiangsu company coastal North Phase One 100MW offshore wind farm successfully connected to the grid on June, 6. It marks national electricity investment offshore wind power development and construction made a major breakthrough. Also it takes positive role model for SPIC to enter the deep blue sea.

As SPIC first offshore wind power demonstration project, since Binhai North Phase One 100MW offshore wind farm construction started on October 3, 2015. Under group's correct guidance and support, Jiangsu company carefully organize the construction company to overcome construction of offshore wind and waves, small work surface, low temperature in winter and so on. It does everything possible to promote the project construction. During the tense construction period which is more than seven months, 25 WTG have been installed one month in advance than original plan.After the project is fully completed, it creates new records for both fastest speed in domestic offshore wind power construction and lowest cost. It enhances the efficiency of offshore wind power development  greatly. At the same time, the project products power when construction, it has accumulated electricity 20.23 million KWH by the end of May 31. After production generation electricity is expected to reach 333 million KWH annually.

The project put into operation has strong response to the government and corporation strategy for clean energy development. Also it explores useful experience as well as set industry’s benchmark for the subsequent development and construction. At present, Jiangsu company coastal North phase two 400MW and a number of offshore wind power project preparatory work steadily, it will gradually become new force in the field of clean energy development. It makes contribution to realize “overtake around the curve” for group company during "13th five year plan"period.