The market for semi-submersible heavy lift transportation was originally formed as a niche market mainly for the Oil & Gas service but there is more than that. Gradually this market has been expanded to other sorts of bulky and heavy cargoes that cannot be fitted into holds of conventional cargo ship nor stowed on weather deck as deck cargo. PROFUNDO, together with strategic partners, act as a broker and service provider bringing to the customer a full service experience.


PROFUNDO is capable of international multimodal heavy lift transportation and has built up ‘ONE-STOP, FROM DOOR TO DOOR’ concept in heavy lift transportation service. By gaining rich local expertise and sufficient capability, both technically and management-wise to enter international market, we are able to offer our customers unequalled flexibility and carrying capacity for the heavy lift transportation.



PROFUNDO is a specialist offshore service contractor, primarily focusing on deep water specialty services like long distance ocean towage. With a new big horse power ocean towing tugs and anchor handling tugs manned with experienced team of senior managers, masters, divers and crew, we can provide tailor-made professional service to our clients.



* Offshore drilling rigs (both jack-ups and semi-submersible rigs)
* Floating production units (excluding self-propelled FPSO/FSOs)
* Other platforms such as SPARs and TLPs (Tension Leg Platforms)
* Oil field equipment and modules
* Other cargoes, including both floating and non-floating, such as docks, barges, yachts, prefabricated industrial assets and military equipment.