Company & Values

With a global-reach vision, Profundo Offshore Contractor Ltd. was established in Hong Kong, with market focus on Asia-Pacific.  We have headquarters in Shekou, Shenzhen, with a branch office in Shanghai and strategic partners in major ports in China mainland, Denmark and Germany.


We mainly focus on offshore engineering and projects, including but not limited to: Offshore Wind Projects, EPCI, and Heavy Lift Transportation.


We commit to below company values with our internal and external customers  since company’s establishment: Transparency, Fairness, Mutual Care, Honesty, Democracy.


With extensive experience and knowledge in operating specialized ship, cut-edge European know-how in engineering and global network, PROFUNDO is committed to work out tailor-made plan based on each individual project requirements and to deliver values for our customers. With aforementioned advantages, we are confident to become the ideal partner for our customers in offshore project development.


PROFUNDO has well-known brand with sound reputation in asset and project management market. With rich experience and good fame recognition in offshore engineering vessel chartering market, we are committed to further enhance our position and serve our customers as their long-last reliable partner.


With local expertise in China offshore wind market and heavy lift market, PROFUNDO has acted as a main sub-contractor in many projects, creating strategic partnerships in both markets with most of the cargo owners, project proprietors and ship owners. We work closely with most of oil major companies and engineering companies in China.


 We are always looking for and promoting clean-safe projects. Today PROFUNDO is actively participating in Wind Farm projects in Asia Pacific, as the operator of WTIVs providing a full packaged solution.  

Offshore Wind Farm Development has become an integrated part of China’s national sustainable development strategy for pro-ecology alternative energy solution. With unique approach and the market leading position, PROFUNDO is committed to offer assistance to implement this national strategy.